• 3 NOV 2016

    Don't let tough times knock you down

    Swati and her family were going through tough times. After a lengthy struggle with kidney disease, her husband had just recently passed away. He was the lone breadwinner in the family till he was diagnosed with renal damage, which slowly progressed to a condition, where he needed dialysis once a week. He was 40 then. The family's savings started getting used up towards the treatment. Swati started working to support the family financially. But having been a homemaker for 5 years, she could not get the kind of salary that she would have liked. Her salary was not enough to run the household expenses. Ironically, considering the situation, her husband's death was a blessing in disguise as the amount being spent on his treatment could be saved.

    An undesirable scenario

    Swati's husband's illness came as a rude shock to the entire family and affected them not only emotionally, but also financially. This situation could've been avoided by some pro-active planning. Although the incidence of the critical illness is not in your control, at least the way that you deal with it financially can be within your control.

    A comprehensive term plan

    Stay protected with a comprehensive term plan which not only secures your family with death benefit, but also protects you financially against the incidence of a critical illness. Edelweiss Tokio Life – Total Secure+ is such a comprehensive term plan that gives your family protection against your untimely demise, and also gives you financial support when you are felled down by one of the critical illnesses prescribed in the policy document. This policy covers upto 35 critical illnesses. This critical illness assurance Sum Assured is payable on the mere diagnosis of the critical illness. So, for instance, if Swati's husband would have had a Edelweiss Tokio Life – Total Secure+ policy, he would have access to financial support when he was diagnosed with kidney damage. This would've prevented his savings from getting depleted

    Death benefit

    On Swati's husband's untimely demise, the life insurance company would've paid a fixed sum as Sum Assured. This amount can be received as a lumpsum, or as regular monthly income, either in equal amounts or increasing amounts depending on the choice of the policyholder. This would've eased the pressure on Swati.

    Generate a quote today and find out how you can create a provision to protect yourself financially when life knocks you down. 

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