• 1 DEC 2016

    Today is World AIDS day

    Today is World AIDS day. This day is a reminder to us about the burden that AIDS is. Today is a commemoration of the solidarity that we show towards the millions of people worldwide affected by HIV. It is a day to stand beside the people who are fighting a daily battle with HIV.

    With better access to facilities, the HIV-infected today are living a better quality of life than their predecessors. But still, a lot needs to be done with respect to their esteem in society. In a lot of countries, including India, HIV-affected are looked at upon as untouchables and treated as outcasts. Although the government has done a lot to eradicate this feeling among the masses, but somewhere it still has penetrated deep down in society.

    This is a misconception that has to be eliminated from the mind of every Indian. AN HIV-infected person is seriously ill, just the way that a patient with malaria or dengue is. This disease is not contagious and does not spread by touching, sharing the same food, or even eating from the same plate.

    On this day, let us all Indians come together and pledge to make the world a better place for AIDS patients to live in. Let us promise to treat those brothers and sisters who are infected with AIDS not feel any less human than us. Come, lets take this pledge together.

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