• 13 APR 2018

    The Reason Critical Illness Insurance Policies Are Essential

    Ever imagined a life without illness? Not on this planet, that’s for sure! With life moving at a faster pace like never before, stress is a shadow that doesn’t leave you alone. Family pressure, boss’s instructions, longer working hours, deadlines, bills, repairs, relationships, etc. can squeeze the life out of you and make illnesses cling on to you.

    Take care of your health

    You might have infinite plans waiting to be achieved in your short lifespan but an illness can ruin the whole master plan! Would you wait for an accident to steal away your happiness or would you plan ahead and safeguard your health and your future? Because, if you don’t have a healthy body, there’s no master plan, hence, not achievements.

    We can help you stay secure

    Imagine, you had to face an unfortunate occurrence of a critical illness. This means having to spend large sums on the medical treatment, endless hospital visits and extended leave from work. How would you manage all this and your family finances, all at once? The stress might weigh you down, more so, affect your health to a greater extent.

    Why worry about illness when you already have loads of stress in your life? Shed off your worries and secure your health with Edelweiss Tokio Life’s CritiCare+. It is a Critical Illness Insurance Policy specially designed to protect you from 17 major illnesses. It helps secure you and your family if you are faced with any critical illness. Its benefits are manifold.

    Get something more out of it

    You might claim that you already have a health insurance cover provided by your organisation, but that might not be enough. The limited amount and the fine print may not cover critical illnesses.

    Once you enrol for this policy, you won’t have to worry about the long bills and huge sums of money that burn a hole in your pocket. Using a multi-claim option, you can first receive a lump sum amount on the diagnosis of the illness and then regular cash flows to support your family while you recover. Unlike health insurances that demand hospital bills, you instantly receive the amount, saving you the troubles and hassles of formalities.

    This policy gives you the benefit of a double deal. The plan covers 17 critical illnesses which ensures that your family receives financial support to get on with daily life while your medical expenses are covered. Moreover, you can also obtain tax benefits on payment of premium.

    When you plan your future, don’t forget to safeguard your health. Avail a critical illness insurance policy today.

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