• 19 APR 2017

    Newly Married Here Are 5 Financial To Do To Add To Your List

    Marriage is a happy union of two people so that they can become much more. But along with this comes the bond of commitment and responsibility. When their happiness is your priority, ensure that you plan your family’s financial future and uphold their trust in you. Here are a few to-do’s to assist you on the road to preserving a smile on their face:


    When so much is changing in your life, why not change your approach to money management, too?

    Understand for yourself the need of savings. This shall be an invisible yet unshakeable pillar that you can fall on when other things are falling apart. They are the silver line to the dark clouds, an island of dependability in a sea of uncertainty. Start today!

    Recurring Deposits

    Recurring Deposits are one of the simplest ways to save money. Periodic deposits gradually accumulate to give you a hefty sum in your hands. Take your wife on that vacation you always wanted to take her on, purchase the car you’ve set your eyes on, retire in style with comfort. It is simple and neat, and it does the job of helping you save money without cutting down on your regular expenses.

    Health Insurance

    Life is completely unpredictable. You cannot predict sickness or the amount of financial pressure that medical bills put on you. Let your family be by your side and not keep worrying about the hospital bills.

    Health insurance helps you pay your medical bills while you focus on recovery. If you can’t estimate costly medical care would be years down the line, why not make things easier for both, you and your family?

    Life Insurance

    Many people don’t bother getting a life insurance. Life insurance is a safeguard for your family in case you die early.  It gives them money to replace the income that you used to earn during your lifetime. It takes care of their financial needs in your absence. If you have outstanding EMIs to be paid, it'll help them repay such payments. Taking a life insurance makes it easier for your family to deal with the financial aspects of your loss.

    Your foresight today will help your family tomorrow.

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