• 21 SEP 2017

    Monsoon safety tips

    Every family should prepare a family disaster supply kit in the event of severe weather conditions. The disaster supply kit should contain essential items such as food, water, and sturdy clothing, to sustain a family for up to three days since electric power, gas and water services may be interrupted.

    • Three gallons of water in clean, closed containers for each person and pet
    • First aid kit
    • A stock of food that requires no cooking or refrigeration
    • Portable and working battery-operated radio, flashlights, and extra batteries 
      (Candles and oil lamps are fire hazards)
    • Necessary medications
    • Backup power source for life support or other medical equipment that requires electricity to function

    Flash Flood Safety Tips:

    • If you live in a flood-prone area have an evacuation plan.
    • Store materials and important materials above flood levels.
    • Do not let children play near storm drains or washes after a heavy rain.
    • Avoid low-water crossings.
    • Avoid camping in a wash or in the bottom of a canyon with steep side slopes.
    • Be especially cautious at night. Flood dangers are much more difficult to see in the dark.
    • Do not camp or park a vehicle along streams and washes, particularly during threatening conditions.
    • If your vehicle is suddenly caught in rising water, leave it immediately and seek higher ground.
    • If a traffic signal is out, treat the intersection as a 4-way stop.
    • When thunder roars, go indoors. If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to be struck by lightning. There is no place outside that is safe from a lightning strike. Remain indoors for 30 minutes after seeing the last lightning and hearing the last thunder.
    • Never touch wiring during a thunderstorm. It's too late to unplug electronics if thunder is heard.
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  • 21 FEB. 2019

    Why opting for a cancer plan is critical for women

    In India, breast cancer accounts for 27% of all cancers among women and cervical cancer affects 1 woman every 8 minutes.

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