• 2 JUN 2017

    New to parenting? Here are things you should start planning for

    Did you recently receive a gift of a bundle of joy? Heartiest congratulations to you! Becoming a parent is exhilarating and terrifying at the same moment. You have those moments when you look at your child’s face and promise that you will give him everything that there is. But there are times where you are scared of not being able to provide for your child and not fulfill your responsibilities.

    Having a child brings a truckload of happiness to your home, but it also affects you financially too, putting a little more pressure. Here are four financial tips which will ensure that the happiness keeps on flowing:

    1. Education

    Like every other parent, you want your child to get the best possible education that there is; you want to enroll him in the premier institutes, put him in the best coaching classes, and even send his abroad for higher education if he desires so. In today’s world of cutthroat competitions, you want nothing but the finest for your child. All this requires a hefty sum of money for which you have to start planning now.


    1. Family Vacations

    Nothing screams family bonding more than a family vacation. Going to an unknown place for a couple of weeks with your loved ones, away from work, is akin to stepping into paradise. It also helps to repair strained relationships. Seeing how expensive family vacations are becoming, saving and investing for these trips is advisable. This will make it easier for you to escape from responsibilities for a couple of weeks every year with your loved ones at your side.


    1. Marriage

    Planning for a child’s marriage is every parent’s dream from the day that their child is born. You’d want friends and relatives all around the world to come in to give their blessings. You’d want to ensure that your child will cherish that day forever and holding back on something because of financial reasons would leave a sour taste in their mouth. Moreover, every parent would want to gift their child something grand on the wedding day. As such, it is necessary to start saving from the earliest; for all dreams deserve to be turned into reality.


    1. Legacy

    You can give without loving, but cannot love without giving. Every parent wishes to leave their child with something substantial, and bear the burden of their debt. You’d want your child to think of you fondly when you are not around and not with regret or hatred. It is necessary to start wealth enhancement sooner to ensure that your child has a financially happy future.

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