• 12 AUG 2016

    Edelweiss Tokio Life Launches A New Tvc – Chinta Ka Vaccine

    To coincide with the Olympic fever, Edelweiss Tokio Life has launched a new TVC for their product Edelweiss Tokio Life – CritiCare+. The ad is titled Chinta Ka Vaccine and features ace Indian shuttler and Olympian Saina Nehwal as the brand ambassador. The ad opens with a middle-aged couple where the husband, who is suffering from an illness is teasing his wife who is sitting next to him. The wife laments the fact that although he has fallen ill for the second time in the last 3 years, he has no 'Chinta'(worries). The husband retorts by showing her a cheque of Rs.20 lakhs which he terms as a 'Chinta ka Vaccine' which means immunity against worries. This surprises the wife as she knows that the hospital expenses for his treatment would be only Rs.8-9 lakhs. Saina Nehwal then goes on to explain the features of the product where you get the full amount of the policy on diagnosis of the illness up to three times during the policy tenure. 

    A Different Perspective  

    The ad takes a different look at critical care insurance where it talks about immunity against worries for the policy holder. Most life insurance TVC's try to evoke an element of fear in the viewers for which they have to be prepared with life insurance. Hospitals, churches, praying places etc are used when talking about critical care cover. 'Chinta ka Vaccine' tries to take a casual look at illnesses by doing away with these stereotypes. It hints that the person who is ill is recovering happily at home without having to worry about how he is going to look after his family financially. Even his demeanour is playful, which is a far cry from the stressed, depressed or ironic expressions that are a normal feature of most life insurance promotions. This, even after he has fallen seriously ill for the second time in three years. This is exactly the whole premise or essence of the brand.

    What Is Edelweiss Tokio Life – Criticare+?

    A critical illness insurance plan that protects you against the financial burden of 17 pre-listed critical illnesses with the option of making a claim thrice during the policy tenure. The idea is to provide income replacement when you are ill and particularly when taking time off from work and recovering at home. Although you can use the claim amount for any purpose ranging from hospital bills to paying EMI's, most people are covered with a mediclaim policy which takes care of their hospitalization expenses. Expenses during your recovery period are not covered by mediclaim. The claim amount can be made if you have been affected by any one of the pre-listed 17 critical illnesses which includes major organ transplants(kidney, liver), burn injuries, multiple sclerosis, and even a cardiac arrest requiring a Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting(CABG) procedure to be performed.

    The Multi-Claim Option

    What is novel and unique about this plan; a fact that is highlighted by Saina in the TVC, is that you can claim for up to 3 times during the policy period. All the illnesses are divided into four groups. You can make a claim up to 3 times during the policy period, provided that the illness is from a different category each time. Also, the policy continues to provide you with cover after making the first claim without you having to pay any more premiums.


    The TVC scores over other campaigns for critical illness insurance like the product scores over other critical illness insurance products. Rather than projecting itself as a medicine for the panacea, 'Chinta ka Vaccine' rightly projects itself as a pre-emptive antidote.

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