• 10 JUL 2017

    How To Identify The Perfect Critical Illnesses Insurance Plan

    We are surrounded with maladies everywhere. Critical illness are diseases which can bring our world upside down. Critical illness such as cancer, kidney failure, heart surgery, loss of speech, permanent deafness, major burns, and end stages lung or liver disease, etc. are life threatening yet very common diseases these days.

    Critical illness insurance is a rescue plan for these common yet very dangerous diseases. We work every day, and strive to earn money so that we want to live a pleasant life with our families. We save money so that our future is secure. We invest money through different channels so that we can multiply it and reap its benefits when we wish to. But in this entire rat race, we completely forget to take care of ourselves. Do we ensure that we are protected from contingencies?

    The perfect critical illness plan is required to safeguard both: your present and your future. Critical illness cover minimizes the financial responsibility you have at the time when you are not able to work. In a regular term plan with an added critical illness rider, or a comprehensive critical illness plan; you easily get immediate lump sum compensation upon diagnosis to pay the medical bills and for meeting day to day expenses while your income stops in the treatment and recovery period.

    If you’re looking to secure yourself with a critical illness plan, do ensure that they come with a multi-claim feature. It helps you in the time of crisis not just once or twice but three times. We do not want you to ever face such harsh times but if anyone of us gets in such situation. Moreover, the plan should give you a reasonably large death benefit in the unfortunate event of you passing away.

    The perfect plan would offer you a waiver of future premiums on occurrence of first claim so you can stay protected for the remaining term of the policy, even without paying an extra penny.

    We bring you Total Secure Plus, a comprehensive insurance plan with option of hospital cash benefits, accidental death benefits and waiver of premium riders so that you never have to worry about finances when you’re ill.

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