• 22 AUG 2016

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away; Rs.35/-* a day can keep troubles at bay

    What do you do when you are ill? Of course, you visit the doctor. Is there any way in which you can ensure that you don't fall ill ? Be healthy, follow a balanced diet with a lot of fruit and salads, do exercises etc. What happens if you, despite your best efforts, fall seriously ill, like , for instance, you suffer a stroke? You are admitted to a hospital for the treatment? What happens to your financial condition? You get financially burdened due to pressure of meeting the cost of recovery from the illness or due to the loss of income that occurs when you have to take time off from work.happens due to. What can you do when you are healthy to avoid this financial burden? Simple. Buy a critical illness plan.

    What is a critical illness plan?

    A critical illness plan, like Edelweiss Tokio Life – Criticare+, is an insurance policy that guarantees you the claim amount on diagnosis of any critical illness out of the pre-listed ones. Edelweiss Tokio Life – Criticare+ gives you protection on an occurrence of 17 critical illnesses like kidney damage, cardiac arrest, burn injuries etc. So, when you are diagnosed with a critical illness, the loss of income that you suffer as a consequence of the same is compensated for by the claim amount. This ensures that your EMI's, your bills, your kid's school fees and your living expenses are all kept regular. You recover at your own pace and do not have to push yourself for an early recovery. The pressure of fending for your family does not put you under any kind of undue stress. All this comes for as less as Rs.35/-* a day.

    Cover yourself against the loss of income

    It's good to adopt healthy practices like regular exercise, a balanced diet including a lot of fruits,salads etc and a smoke-free life. But it is doubly better if, along with your medical insurance, you buy a critical illness cover so that apart from hospitalization expenses, you are also covering for  the loss of income. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but it is good to keep yourself protected for a day when the doctor has asked you to take time off from work. After all, it costs you probably less than a kilo of apples a day.

    *For a healthy, 25-year-old male for a policy term of 25 years with a single claim option,exclusive of taxes

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