• 5 AUG 2016

    6 things that the Olympics teach us

    The Rio Olympics start tomorrow. There is a lot of similarity between investing in life insurance and performing at the Olympics. Here are 6 things that the Olympics teaches us with respect to life insurance.

    Dreams require you to pay a premium
    Every gold medallist had started his sporting journey with that one dream; of winning an Olympic medal. That dream fuelled all their efforts towards the right direction. Likewise, with life insurance, you need to have a dream. It can be anything. It can be giving your child a foreign education, your daughter's marriage, building enough wealth to have an independent retirement, or simply to secure your family's future. Anything requires a dream, to begin with.

    Skill needs practice for perfection
    Skill at a particular sport alone will not give you success. You have to work at it hard enough to develop that skill. Grueling hours on the field with rigorous practice sessions need to be put in for that one match which will separate the winner from the runner-up. Even to reach that stage, it requires a lot of effort. The match may be of some minutes, but it needs hours of preparation. Life insurance also provides you with a Sum Assured after
    you invest premiums over the years. It will not give you benefits overnight. Like Mr.Narayanamurthy once remarked, “It took me 25 years to become an overnight millionaire'.

    Medals, like life goals, require planning
    Winning medals requires meticulous planning. From practice sessions to watching competitors videos and drawing out attack strategies, it requires thorough planning. Life insurance also requires detailed planning. From assessing your needs, finding the right insurer to choosing the right product and the right Sum Assured, everything requires a good amount of planning.

    Your team, like your family, needs to stay together
    The entire contingent of India is going to stay together for a month or so at the Games village in Rio like one giant family. They will feed off each other's success. They will motivate each other to excel. They will eat in the same mess and assemble in the same premises for their meeting sessions. This is what makes the Olympics unique. Your family also is your biggest source of strength. With your family by your side, you have the power to take on any problems that life may dish out with the feeling that you are going to end up as a winner. Persistence pays

    Like these sports persons have persisted with their goal, you also have to show persistence when investing in life insurance. You can expect returns in life insurance over a long-term period. The sportspersons practice regularly. That is the premium that they pay for success. Similarly, pay your premiums regularly. That is the price that you pay for securing your dreams.

    Discipline is as important as winning
    Winning is everything; as long as you show discipline. The Olympics is the real testimony to the fact that winning cannot be at the cost of indiscipline. 

    Enjoy the Rio Olympics and cheer for India with us. But while doing that, remember the life lessons that the Olympics teaches us.

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