• 28 JUL 2016

    4 Tips To Equip You To Tackle Critical Illnesses

    One of my friends, who is a leading practising neurologist once said to me, “Doctor's never cure, they only manage and mitigate.” He went on to explain how most diseases and illnesses nowadays are non-curable. It is only possible for a doctor to mitigate the ill-effects of the same and prevent it from damaging hitherto unaffected parts of the body. Take diabetes for instance; it's a lifelong ailment and people afflicted with it need to live with it. For some, lifestyle alterations and medicines may suffice; for others, it may involve taking regular tests or insulin injections. Such is the case with most illnesses today.

    In such a scenario, it becomes necessary that one takes adequate precaution so that he or she does not face a financial disruption in life due to these illnesses. These illnesses may come without warning, but with proper planning, the aftershocks of these diseases can be minimized. We present four ways in which you can practise 'precaution is better than cure' to better equip you to tackle these illnesses if and when they occur.

    1. Practise living a healthy lifestyle. Everybody's body is different and so is their occupation, family background etc. In the circumstances that you are, in whatever limited way you can, follow a healthy diet plan along with some exercise on a regular basis. Although even healthy people are known to get a heart attack, but the probabilities of you falling critically ill are less if you follow a healthy lifestyle.
    2. Undergo diagnostic tests regularly. Once in 3 or 6 months depending on your age and family history, undergo diagnostic tests which will give you detailed information about the health of various organs and functions of your body. You may get some signals or indications about impending illnesses through these tests. This will allow you to seek preventive medicine before you end up having a full-blown health crisis. Remember, 'a stitch in time saves nine'!
    3. Get yourself medically insured. This will at least take care of the hospitalization expenses which are otherwise going to burn a hole in your pocket. When it comes to money, sometimes nothing else helps.
    4. Get yourself a critical illness cover. Perhaps the most important is taking care of the loss of income that may ensue due to a medical calamity. For instance, if you have to undergo an open heart surgery, it is highly likely that you may have to spend a decent amount of time away from work. This will affect your earning potential and may cause more burdens on your finances. To insulate yourself and your family against it, it is almost imperative that you go for a critical illness policy like Edelweiss Tokio Life - CritiCare+. These policies provide you with a lump sum amount on diagnosis of a critical illness with which you can keep the kitchen fire burning as well as ensure that other expenses like home loan EMI's, children's fees etc are regular and don't become a burden. It also provides you with a multiclaim option that lets you claim thrice on the occurrence of other critical illnesses.


    Make adequate provisions so that a critical illness does not disrupt your financial planning adversely. 

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