• 22 SEP 2016

    4 Advantages Of Online Life Insurance

    If this fact does not startle you, nothing will: Only a little over a quarter of India’s 1.32 billion people are connected to the internet, compared to nearly half of China’s 1.38 billion people. But Indians spend nearly four-and-a-half hours a day on the internet, which is a full hour more than the Chinese*. No wonder then that e-commerce is picking up very fast in India. E-tailers, telecom companies and entertainment entities, automobile companies have set up shop in the virtual world. Life insurance has also begun to offer its products online. Many companies are now offering products that are only available online. These plans are beginning to catch the customers fancy because of the following 4 advantages.

    Instant Quotes Available

    It is very easy and convenient to generate policy quotes for life insurance using the online platform. You can play around with different policy terms, Sum Assured etc and can get the details within no time. Just key in details like name, age,gender etc and you will receive the quote for a life insurance policy. You can play around with different combinations in terms of type of policies and Riders depending on your needs, budget and life stage. Very convenient for people who may be just starting out investing in insurance and want something that cuts through the jargon. 


    Life insurance is cheaper to buy online. This is because the life insurer saves on intermediary costs and commissions and passes on the said benefit to the customer in terms of reduced costs. There is just the initial cost of web infrastructure which is incurred, after which there are apparently no business development costs, which allow the life insurer to operate on a lower cost model, allowing for cheaper products.

    Easy To Buy

    With help available from customer service, buying life insurance online, especially term insurance plans like Edelweiss Tokio Life – MyLife+,  is a breeze. Documents can be submitted by scanning and mailing them or clicking images from your mobile phone and sending them over whatsapp. No need to visit the nearest branch or have someone come over to collect it and cause you inconvenience. Upload the documents at your own convenience.

    No peddling

    It is generally seen that insurance agents push products that they are more comfortable with, at the cost of not giving the best solution to the customer. This is not the case online as you select the product and fill in the parameters yourself, after which, you may be assisted, on your consent, by a customer service executive over the phone. This ensures that when you buy an online policy, it is an informed decision taken by you; a decision that you won't stand to regret later on.

    Go ahead and buy a life insurance policy online. It is cheap, easy, and convenient.


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