Power to our protector

Every single soldier of the Indian armed forces is an epitome of duty, dedication, and devotion. Our brave hearts tirelessly toil day and night to ensure that the nation of more than 1.3 billion people lives in peace under their watch.

In this massive effort to safeguard the interests of over a billion Indians, the real heroes of this land often let go of their own dreams and aspirations. Their own health and welfare of the family take priority only after the needs of the country and the troops they lead are fulfilled.

We at Edelweiss Tokio Life salute this spirit of selflessness and extreme devotion. For the real custodians of this land, we want to take a step forward. Standing true to our ethos that Insurance se badhkar hai aapki zaroorat, we are honored to present VIJETA the life insurance policy for the guardians of our motherland.

VIJETA represents the VEER soldiers of BHARAT. We acknowledge that each step that a soldier takes is that of a winner’s. This platform is for those winners who shine brighter than the sunshine. For those who give it all for the glory that lies in the battlefield and beyond.

VIJETA cares and protects for the warriors of this soil. It’s our honor to serve those who serve the nation. To ensure that we meet the high standards of service and expectations, our team of officers walks along the last mile to be at your service. We have made efforts to spread our own army of highly dedicated officers at every key location of the country, to provide service par excellence.

You dedicate your life protecting us. We dedicate ours to protect your dreams and aspirations.

We are Edelweiss, the rare healing flower that grows in the Alps. According to the folklore, it is a symbol of bonding. If given to someone, it symbolizes a dedicated friendship. We at Edelweiss Tokio Life aim to stay true to and embody all the features and beauty of this majestic flower. This time we want to serve the real nation builders just the way you have been taking care of us, endlessly and tirelessly.